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And, So, She Writes...Part 2

And, So, She Writes…Part 2

Writing has always given me a solace from life stresses. As a child, prior to learning the lovely scrawl my mother had perfected that I came to know as cursive handwriting, I would scribble loops all over a piece of paper in the name of language…

December 31, 2017
And, So, She Writes...Part 1

And, So, She Writes…Part 1

It was all a dream  In March 2016, I ran an idea by my husband. He holds a reliable grounded rationality that I treasure. I wasn’t actively writing fiction or nonfiction at the time, but was experiencing some sad withdrawal symptoms of sorts and craved an outlet to help me adjust healthily to parenthood. Jrue was in…

December 27, 2017
3 Ways My Preschooler Benefits from Mommy's Liberal Arts Degrees

3 Ways My Preschooler Benefits from Mommy’s Liberal Arts Degrees

My bachelor’s degree earned 11 years ago is on display at my parents’ home, nearly always dust-free. The Bachelor of Arts in English was a real result of their faith. Advisors during my first semester in college counseled me to declare a major I was comfortable in and not one to attempt a “leg-up” in…

August 15, 2017
How to Build a Parenting Blog

How to Build a Parenting Blog

July 30, 2017 was the six-month anniversary of the launch of 3AM Mea. The blog’s conception emerged from a commingle of suggestions from readers of my micro-blog on social media and from the desire to regularly write again: creative analytical-style blog conversations were something I hadn’t yet found in the…

August 2, 2017