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We Dance On Most Days
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We Dance On Most Days

This is not a hyperbole. It may be assumed that I am exaggerating because I am an imaginative writer, able to hopelessly wander into idyllic fancies on a whim. In the utmost spirit of assurance, I utter these words with the finest intent to…

September 13, 2017
My Baby is in Pre-K
Kids↹Leisure Technology / Imagination

My Baby is in Pre-K

The disenchantment one can experience when creating a complicated password, particularly when it must be changed frequently, is equivalent to the injury a parent’s feelings can occupy when dropping off their first-born child in a Pre-K classroom. Emotion is a colossal pain in the butt.…

August 5, 2017
"Mom Brain": A Mom's Perspective

“Mom Brain”: A Mom’s Perspective

“Mommy brain,” “momnesia,” “preg head,” “baby brain,” or “mom brain drain” is as indigenous an indicator of modern motherhood as “caffeine fix” and “mom-shaming.” However, I cannot help but wonder if “mom brain” derives as a product of societal engagement and from the expectations dumped onto mothers, or persists in something deeper, perhaps innate,…

July 25, 2017
How to Be a Good Mom

How to Be a Good Mom

Oftentimes, our popular culture adopts or invents a term or phrase that sticks so perfectly, and defines so succinctly, that there becomes no other way to describe that thing from that moment forward. New words that we can no longer shake off include “selfie,” “binge-watch,” “photobomb,” “ping,” “airball,” and “yowza,”…

July 7, 2017
Mommy's Travel Confessional
Food / Theater Kids↹Festival

Mommy’s Travel Confessional

From our home in Georgia to my parent’s home in Virginia lies 572 miles of pretty lakes and weird construction and leagues of expressway, not to mention the largest fireworks emporium in history looming just off I-85. Between here and my husband’s family in Illinois…

June 20, 2017
I Am More Than "Mom"

I Am More Than Just “Mom”

A mom is the inherent usher of her children’s physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and all-aligned development. Increasingly today, she could be the only one. Likely, this assignment does not flow seamlessly every minute of every day. Moms usually have to tightrope a sometimes unrealistic…

May 12, 2017
Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage

Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage

Pressure can be good. A personalized, pressurized environment can provide positive motivation to perform higher or to burst through a wall of inaction or that of a time delay. Increasing bench press weights to boost strength, staying up later each night to rehearse a…

May 9, 2017
About that Thing Called "Balance"

About that Thing Called “Balance”

In any normal situation, a man—husband, father, or otherwise—should weigh the importance of “work-life balance” as much as a woman should. It is absolutely true that we live in a fast-paced world that justifies the hazards of ignoring our professional sides over their “real-world”…

March 10, 2017