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Issa Darts Game/Anti-Floor-Pee

It has been 477 sunrises since day 1 of potty training with Jrue last Memorial Day weekend. We have scaled all kinds of exciting rituals and challenges in the potty-going itinerary, but always keep our eyes on the shallow finished end. Whatever that may…

September 17, 2017
And After the Kid is Potty-Trained...?
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And After the Kid is Potty-Trained…?

It has been 342 days today since our family canonized “Jrue’s Potty Party,” the celebratory Memorial Day Weekend Saturday that marked the official beginning of “potty-trained big boys” in our home. We flounced about, declaring the day special with dramatic flourish. The night before, I…

May 5, 2017
Playing in a Potty Training Championship

Playing in a Potty Training Championship

I would consider the beginning stages of potty training our 3-year-old as extensive as playing in an AFC or NFC Championship in the NFL. The stressors and pressures were the equivalent of setting up all components to maximize chances of winning a Super Bowl…

January 30, 2017