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Read Much?

Read Much?

Every year, I make the mental affirmation to “read more.” This treatise usually comes with the proposal to put down the Swiffer mop and pick up the book that has been plopped, lonely, on my bedside table since January 1. At times, I have giving…

July 8, 2018
I Was Tricked Into This Reading Marathon Once...
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I Was Tricked Into This Reading Marathon Once…

Jrue was much younger, perhaps 21 or so months old at the time. I had instituted reading at bedtime around the month he had turned one-and-a-half years old because I am a big believer that a joy (or minimal tolerance) in learning starts when a book opens.   Once an English major, always…

March 15, 2018
Reading is Fundamental

Reading is Fundamental

Many years ago, my company hired a young man to work at one of our sites. This young man, perhaps 35 years old at the time, had finished his job application at home and had brought it in for his interview, during which he talked candidly…

October 22, 2017
3 Ways My Preschooler Benefits from Mommy's Liberal Arts Degrees

3 Ways My Preschooler Benefits from Mommy’s Liberal Arts Degrees

My bachelor’s degree earned 11 years ago is on display at my parents’ home, nearly always dust-free. The Bachelor of Arts in English was a real result of their faith. Advisors during my first semester in college counseled me to declare a major I was comfortable in and not one to attempt a “leg-up” in…

August 15, 2017