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The Prince Promised
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The Prince Promised

My hubs became a fan of “Game of Thrones” long before I eventually jumped onboard. He has viewed every episode since Season One and has analyzed each main plot point via YouTube theory channels, so he is, thus, my go-to advisor on all things “What’s happening here?” and “Who’s family line is this daughter from…

February 4, 2018
Karate Chronicles: 3 Ways My Son is "Very" 4

Karate Chronicles: 3 Ways My Son is “Very” 4

This week, we took Jrue to his first Taekwondo class. His particular group, the Tiny Tigers, are for children aged 4-6, a cohort identifiable by a distinct level of what I call “filter-less-ness.”   Our decision to familiarize Jrue with martial arts was two-fold: first, upon recognizing that he was…

October 25, 2017