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Dramedy 1101 and 1102
Food / Theater Kids↹Festival

Dramedy 1101 and 1102

I come from an artsy family. My maternal side includes a grandmother who retired as a K-12 art teacher; a make-up artist/model/dancer currently developing her own YouTube channel; a schooled music producer who plays several instruments; and an event planner who has won awards for painting and sculpture. There’s…

March 12, 2018
A Two-Tablet Habit
Kids↹Leisure Technology / Imagination

A Two-Tablet Habit

This past Christmas, grandma wanted to purchase some kid-friendly tablets for each of my two children and my niece, who is five months older than my daughter. We researched which tablets had the features we most sought for the children: durability in terms of being able…

February 18, 2018
There's Love in This Dance
Dance / Music Kids↹Festival

There’s Love in This Dance

On a given weekday, I deploy from bed once my gentle alarm app ignites the flashlight feature on my cell phone, activating something like a bat signal on my ceiling in an otherwise pitch-dark room. The chirping birds that are integrated into the alarm cue their wicked levels of perpetual happiness louder and louder. Because the closest outlet is beside my bookshelf two feet…

February 14, 2018
The Prince Promised
Kids↹Leisure Reading / TV

The Prince Promised

My hubs became a fan of “Game of Thrones” long before I eventually jumped onboard. He has viewed every episode since Season One and has analyzed each main plot point via YouTube theory channels, so he is, thus, my go-to advisor on all things “What’s happening here?” and “Who’s family line is this daughter from…

February 4, 2018
Karate Chronicles: 3 Ways My Son is "Very" 4

Karate Chronicles: 3 Ways My Son is “Very” 4

This week, we took Jrue to his first Taekwondo class. His particular group, the Tiny Tigers, are for children aged 4-6, a cohort identifiable by a distinct level of what I call “filter-less-ness.”   Our decision to familiarize Jrue with martial arts was two-fold: first, upon recognizing that he was…

October 25, 2017