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How to Build a Parenting Blog

How to Build a Parenting Blog

July 30, 2017 was the six-month anniversary of the launch of 3AM Mea. The blog’s conception emerged from a commingle of suggestions from readers of my micro-blog on social media and from the desire to regularly write again: creative analytical-style blog conversations were something I hadn’t yet found in the…

August 2, 2017
"Mom Brain": A Mom's Perspective

“Mom Brain”: A Mom’s Perspective

“Mommy brain,” “momnesia,” “preg head,” “baby brain,” or “mom brain drain” is as indigenous an indicator of modern motherhood as “caffeine fix” and “mom-shaming.” However, I cannot help but wonder if “mom brain” derives as a product of societal engagement and from the expectations dumped onto mothers, or persists in something deeper, perhaps innate,…

July 25, 2017
"Mom Brain": A Dad's Perspective

“Mom Brain”: A Dad’s Perspective

I have vaguely heard of an element called “mom brain” just from being around my wife. If my definition is warranted, I would characterize the syndrome as when most thoughts become kid-friendly or involve the kids, even when they have nothing to do with the subject. Or, here’s a…

July 23, 2017
Family Reunion Behavior
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Family Reunion Behavior

After this past weekend’s third annual family reunion in Illinois, I am of the precise truth that my children are even more nuts than I initially thought…and my certainty that I’m okay with this, even encourage it, is reassuring. On the paternal side is a…

July 19, 2017
The Grandma in the Hat
Kids↹Leisure Reading / TV

The Grandma in the Hat

My mom and dad were in town last week for baby girl’s first birthday, which we celebrated with an elegant birthday brunch at home. Being older, Jrue has solid ideas regarding the personalities and nuances of Grandma and PopPop, and Jai’s memory is just…

April 21, 2017