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Invariant Hurdles

Invariant Hurdles

In this life, individual lessons sit beneath strategic obstacles spiked like minefields on our racecourses. We have to hurdle over our own obstacles as we speed forward through space, careful to completely clear them, seeking them out in our peripherals, then rearviews. We collect the…

May 2, 2017
4 Ways Having a Threenager is Like a First Date
Food / Theater Kids↹Festival

4 Ways Having a Threenager is Like a First Date

A “threenager” is a noun I endorse for a 3-year-old who displays the classic performance symptoms seen in teenagers: Screaming. Talking back. Smacking the lips in tantrum. Stubbornness. Resorting to immaturity. Complete befuddlement when in trouble. It’s one of those definitively stressful parenting periods. Mommy writer…

April 28, 2017
This Cell Phone of Mine
Kids↹Leisure Technology / Imagination

This Cell Phone of Mine

I cannot sugarcoat this: Cell phone attendance in my home is fervid. The hubs’ phone is usually busy keeping him connected to the company at all times. In my possession, my phone is in action retrieving visual memories and story ideas and quick links…

March 3, 2017
Moms "Mom," Dads "Dad"--That's the Breaks

Moms “Mom,” Dads “Dad”–That’s the Breaks

Modern society tells us so many mothers are relentlessly hardworking. Many manage full-time careers, then go home to “cook, clean, and kids.” A time for self-care or miscellaneous indulgence is often completely disregarded, and she usually crawls to bed late after being “everything” to…

February 24, 2017