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And, So, She Writes...Part 1

And, So, She Writes…Part 1

It was all a dream  In March 2016, I ran an idea by my husband. He holds a reliable grounded rationality that I treasure. I wasn’t actively writing fiction or nonfiction at the time, but was experiencing some sad withdrawal symptoms of sorts and craved an outlet to help me adjust healthily to parenthood. Jrue was in…

December 27, 2017
Welcome to 3AM Mea!

Welcome to 3 AM Mea!

It’s January 30, 2017, the official LAUNCH DAY of the blog! Yaaaay! Welcome to 3 AM Mea, the parenting site that blends signs of pop culture with the accounts of my 3-year-old toddler, Jrue (pronounced “Drew”), and my baby, Jai (rhymes with “eye”). This amalgam is…

January 30, 2017