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She Only Used to Want Daddy...
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She Used to Only Want Daddy…

“Hi, mommy!” Jai shrieked in a completely clear and high-pitched musical note. “Mommy! Hi! Hiiiii! Mommy! Mommmmmyyyy…!”   The hubs and I had not long dragged our suitcases into the house after five days away in what has been gloried as our most relaxing trip as a couple ever, even beating out our honeymoon. Jrue was laying in…

June 10, 2018
Joffrey Baratheon

Joffrey Baratheon

So. I am a busy mother. My husband is an active father. We are a duet with two developing backup singers.   Amongst the basic tasks of motherhood for me include meal planning, bathing maintenance, entertainment procurement, schedule policing, clothing upkeep, emotional tending, and academic assurance, as well as most delegation procedures to others. (Notice I…

February 11, 2018
I'm Thankful for the Bad Things

I’m Thankful for the Bad Things

I have pinpointed this year to be full of both personal and professional challenges. For one, determining a conscious level of work-life balance that is satisfactory continues to charge in the direction of near-impossibility, as I find myself constantly assessing small and large changes that would work…

November 22, 2017
My Baby is in Pre-K
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My Baby is in Pre-K

The disenchantment one can experience when creating a complicated password, particularly when it must be changed frequently, is equivalent to the injury a parent’s feelings can occupy when dropping off their first-born child in a Pre-K classroom. Emotion is a colossal pain in the butt.…

August 5, 2017
Something Like a Style

Something Like a Style

“Parenting style” is one of those aggrandized balloon terms that kinda confuses me. Ideas about my disorientation regard the implied identification that there is one singular pattern of behavior a parent displays in the parenting of their children, regardless of the behavior of the child. Similar to the generality…

July 14, 2017
I Am More Than "Mom"

I Am More Than Just “Mom”

A mom is the inherent usher of her children’s physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and all-aligned development. Increasingly today, she could be the only one. Likely, this assignment does not flow seamlessly every minute of every day. Moms usually have to tightrope a sometimes unrealistic…

May 12, 2017
Invariant Hurdles

Invariant Hurdles

In this life, individual lessons sit beneath strategic obstacles spiked like minefields on our racecourses. We have to hurdle over our own obstacles as we speed forward through space, careful to completely clear them, seeking them out in our peripherals, then rearviews. We collect the…

May 2, 2017
About that Thing Called "Balance"

About that Thing Called “Balance”

In any normal situation, a man—husband, father, or otherwise—should weigh the importance of “work-life balance” as much as a woman should. It is absolutely true that we live in a fast-paced world that justifies the hazards of ignoring our professional sides over their “real-world”…

March 10, 2017
The Fable of Balance: A Mom's Perspective

The Fable of Balance: A Mom’s Perspective

When one thinks of “balance,” an image, perhaps, of a scale comes to mind, a scale that is either being filled or is already carrying a load. One scale pan may be heavier; both may be equal. If one adds burden to either side,…

March 7, 2017