• We Dance On Most Days
    Dance / Music Kids↹Festival

    We Dance On Most Days

    This is not a hyperbole. It may be assumed that I am exaggerating because I am an imaginative writer, able to hopelessly wander into idyllic fancies on a whim. In the utmost spirit of…

    September 13, 2017
  • YouTube is Welcomed in My Home
    Kids↹Leisure Technology / Imagination

    YouTube is Welcomed in My Home

    Our children’s choices of modern entertainment can get a bad reputation, and rightfully so. Advancements in knowledge and technology have uncovered correlations between constant electronic stimulation and the increased likelihood of various attention disorders…

    September 10, 2017
  • Dad to Dad Chat, Issue 1

    Dad to Dad Chat, Issue 1

    Mea is trying something different. Unlike the normal formula she uses for her posts, this one is going to be formatted as a listing. My wife interviewed me today about being a father and parenthood as a whole, and I am…

    September 2, 2017
  • Mommy↹Society

    My Boyfriend vs. My Husband

    The hubs and I have been married since May 16, 2010. It was a warm spring Sunday, but, to avoid the sticky heat and allergy-inducing pollen of the outdoors gardens, we married at 11…

    August 29, 2017
  • The Ones That Got Away

    The Ones That Got Away

    When the hubs and I forecasted parenthood in its splendor and dualities, we failed to entertain the thoughts of what we’d “miss” once babies entered the picture. It wasn’t character tragedy on our parts. We simply guessed…

    August 23, 2017
  • Sleeping with Jai

    Sleeping with Jai

    I produced the idea to sleep in bed overnight with the 1-year-old while in Virginia over the weekend. I have confirmed that she drinks coffee and does taxes in her sleep. It wasn’t a…

    August 21, 2017
  • Buzzer Life
    Kids↹Leisure Reading / TV

    Buzzer Life

    I just figured it out. I ascertained my place between the pursuits of my attention by the 4-year-old and the 16-month-old. I have discovered why their perceived jealousy for my complete care and focus is so essential to their centers. Daily,…

    August 12, 2017