And, So, She Writes…Part 1

December 27, 2017
And, So, She Writes...Part 1

It was all a dream 

In March 2016, I ran an idea by my husband. He holds a reliable grounded rationality that I treasure. I wasn’t actively writing fiction or nonfiction at the time, but was experiencing some sad withdrawal symptoms of sorts and craved an outlet to help me adjust healthily to parenthood. Jrue was in his “Terrible 3’s” and Jai was nearing the end of her mommy baking time. I spent many days coping with the overwhelming-ness of it all by composing mini-posts in Facebook statuses to gauge how “normal” my parenting style sounded. I sought out answers to those “tough” questions: Did my son hate me? Why couldn’t I pee alone? Would I ever sleep again? 

As it turns out, we’re all just crazy here, but I digress. 

I wanted to create a parenting blog that would combine parenting anecdotes with a symbiosis of popular culture interaction, a blend I hadn’t quite found in the talking community. I didn’t want to be another “me too” voice; with my knack for inventive analogy creation, I wanted to find a way to aesthetically reach readers who would engage with my words the way my students would connect with shared concepts in my English composition classroom. And I didn’t just want “any” blog—I still dream of a Scary Mommy consortium someday. 

The only thing was, I needed some seed money. Hiring a web designer certainly didn’t come cheaply. 

To acquire starter funds, I drummed up a full business plan for my husband to invest in. For months, I researched everything. My site went under construction in November for my birthday. On December 31, 2016, I received the phone call from my designer that my website was ready to go live. 

I cried. Mostly out of fear. 

I was scared: that all the money I just spent on everything would be a waste; that I’d have psycho writer’s block where I’d have to shut down my site in a few months; that life would get in the way of writing time. 

None of this happened. Well, life certainly got busier with two children, but I learned to harmonize writing sessions daily…like an unpaid internship. 

Or like the therapeutic stress relief that composing stories about my children became. 

The present is in reflection

Here I am, fast approaching the conclusion of my blog’s first year and still grappling with what I’ve been able to bravely accomplish.  

I hosted two guest parents post series: one in March called “SPRIG” with the theme of goodness and one featuring fathers about their daughters for the week of Father’s Day called “Power Tools and Hair Bows.” I owe my guests for the love that they willingly gave.

I am currently listed as #4 in my category on Top Mommy Blogs and #23 overall, which is quite amazing. 

For a 2-hour workshop at my grad school alma mater, I enjoyed a room full of aspiring bloggers who soaked up all of my advice on starting a site, even as I admitted that I was still so fresh at it myself. My name is on a plaque at the school! Holy moly. 

And the posts? Some of them drove me nuts once I started, consequently taking way too long to emerge out of my head. Some of them scrawled themselves so naturally, it was like someone else had taken over. Some of the stories didn’t go at all where I wanted. Posts that I didn’t like didn’t go up; yes, it created a delayed narrative release, but everything had to reflect the goals of the blog twice or more every week. 

3AM Mea had standards.  

My accounts have progressed lovingly like the dramedy that life is for me as a mom, and I cannot wait to enact new ideas for the blog in my sophomore year. I adore writing about my children, which serves as my divinely-ordained fuel.

I end with little known facts 

My first story for the blog was “My Toddler Steals like Craig from ‘Friday,” which posted with five others on day 1 of the blog’s live existence on December 31, 2016. I wrote it sitting outside on a blanket in the fall; it took me three whole weeks to finish. 

My favorite story for the blog may be “Childhood Couches and Plastic Covers.” It was entirely nostalgic to mentally travel to my past, something I didn’t know I needed at the time, and link it to my adventures as a mom today. The memories came out effortlessly. 

My fastest-written story for the blog was “For the Love of Target.” I wrote and published it in 33 minutes with no interruptions. 

My most popular story has been “My Son, Baby Engineer and Humanitarian” by my childhood dad friend Randy. His post went up for “Power Tools and Hair Bows” and garnered 207 current lifetime views. 

The story I wish had more traction was “Why Am I the Godzilla?” I think the metaphor went over my readers’ heads. I’ll revisit it in 2018. 

A story I mostly loathe now is “Gidget’s Gadgets Glow” about Jai’s reverence for anything that lights up. It’s the title that I despise and is an example of a story that did not move in the direction I wanted. 

My January 30, 2017 launch day was marked with two “for fun” posts: “Welcome to 3AM Mea!” and “Playing in a Potty Training Championship.” The former still holds the trophy of the most-commented-on story in the 3AM Mea database. 

My husband made his writer’s debut with “About That Thing Called ‘Balance,'” one in a 2-part series regarding the legendary myth called work-life balance. 

Additionally, “Dad” showed his face for the first time in “Meet Dad!” on May 30, 2017. 

My first blog giveaway ended on October 15, 2017. My raffle winner lived in California, and I was terrified that UPS would ruin her prize before it arrived, so I wrapped the box in a box for shipping! It arrived unharmed, thank goodness, and her baby loves the learning walker as much as my daughter loves hers.


Stay tuned for “And, So, She Writes…Part 2” to publish on Sunday, December 31, 2017. 

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