That Big Box of Diapers

May 30, 2018
That Big Box of Diapers

When I was expecting Jrue, I didn’t truly know what to request when friends and family would ask what they should buy for the baby. I was entirely new to the idea of a baby and, then, he was a boy, the first on my generational line on my family’s maternal side. So, I verbally rattled off the conventional baby items list: onesies, swaddles, pacifiers, bottles…travel system, diaper pail, pump machine, swing… I followed what the Internet said I should purchase; even his tiniest belongings were needed now or later.  

All lists online were “essential” and “best” and “keepsake” and “everything baby can’t live without.” I recall setting up two separate registries with 209 individual items for Jrue, most of which we didn’t use. The power in that scan gun was exhilarating, to say the least.  

What I learned later, though, and thankfully in time for Jai, was that my number one suggested item should have always been…diapers. 

Namely, that big box of diapers. 

Ah, the box of 128. I miss thee. Let me count the ways. 

My first experience with a giant package of diapers came in the form of size newborn for my 7-lb. little boy. I read every crucial parenting manual prior to his arrival and knew to soon expect 8-12 pee and poop diapers from Jrue daily, so the initial boxes of gifted diapers seemed to be really smart investments (along with those tiny side-snap t-shirts, both of which he lived in for the first six months of life).  

The pee and poop delivered. Jrue’s baby rump did not disappoint.  

What goes unstated, however, is that a baby can often go from a size newborn diaper one Thursday afternoon to a size one the very next Friday. It’s unsettling how quickly it happens…that “hefty” 10 pounds that tilted the scale soon after my son’s birth pushed his little cheeks right out of the newborn size. And that was that. No turning back. 

Luckily for us, we had just run towards the end of another big box of diapers and didn’t have too many of the smaller size to give away. A family member had graciously gifted us with several size one diaper boxes, most of which we had stored between the back of our own closet and in the hallway coat closet of our apartment.  

We were saved from a middle-of-night diaper run. That time. 

For me, the great box of diapers represents “good enough” parenting. This level is what I strive for. It says, “Hey, you are providing warmth and protection for your baby. Good job.” The box says I care for the future because I won’t run out of them soon, that I consider covering my children’s bottoms paramount, which translates to establishing security and supplying necessities. Or it says that I have really great taste in friends because they prioritize my pockets with such thoughtfulness. It tells me that there’s hope, that formula may be running low and is expensive to replenish, but at least there’s diapers in the house and that it could be worse. People couldn’t have realized that they were providing whole season-less wardrobes for my babies; still, to this day, Jai is content diaper-only around the house. 

As a new mom, I sought comfort and peace in every endeavor because our entire world was revised with our son’s birth. Having a temporarily “unlimited” stash of diapers feels reassuring and consolatory. There’s much to think about as a mother; one less baby component on the long directory is a welcome.  

And when baby is mature enough to understand the box as a toy? Man, do the possibilities expand. 

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