Spring Break 2018 by Tracey Hamilton

April 27, 2018

After nearly seven years of working in education, Spring Break and I have developed this love-hate relationship. Spring Break for a person working in the public school system is supposed to be the time when you get to relish in the fact that you don’t have to work, you don’t have to set your alarm, you can move at your leisure, blah, blah, blah. More importantly, for a typical employee, Spring Break means NO KIDS.  The paid vacation is also an extra incentive <insert ‘raise hands in celebration’ emoji>.

Spring Break sounds really good, right? Yeah, of course it does…for a single, child-less, “my momma will take the kids for the week” employee. For me, Spring Break is just another week of WORK. Spring Break is an orchestra of planned events…not for me, mind you, but for MY KIDS. Those events must include pre-activities, post-activities, two snacks, and a lunch.

Who knew little people were so hungry all the time?

So that “great idea” of sleeping in? Yeah, think again. All the kids are up before the crack of dawn, without a single threat that is often required on school days.

Early wake-ups are quickly followed by a number of questions, complaints, and suggestions. “Mommy I’m hungry.” “Can I have something to drink?” “Can we go outside?” “She won’t share.” “Do we have anything to do today?” “We should go here, there, and everywhere.” Then the arguments between my oldest daughter (10) and my oldest son (3) begin.

I’m still trying to figure out that whole situation.

On a good day, I may get to sleep until 8 AM, but, on most days, 7 AM is the best I can get.  I guess I shouldn’t complain since I normally wake up at 5:30 AM.

Moving at my leisure…not so much. I am on the beckoning call list of everyone. During this past Spring Break, first, my babysitter, who knows I was off, insisted that I still had the boys in at their normal time. Like, really lady, I just wanted to sleep in…Was I asking for too much?

Guess what I did?  I complied.

In addition to daycare for the youngest two, my two oldest already had a “To-Do List” for Spring Break, including shopping, going to the movies, going to the zoo, skating, and sleepovers.

Guess what I did?  Minus the sleepovers…I complied.

The only thing that happened at my leisure was cooking dinner.  The kids ate so much during breakfast, lunch, and snacks that dinner was an afterthought.

In all seriousness, I love my babies to death, and there isn’t much that I wouldn’t do for them or with them. Yeah, sometimes their requests are plentiful, but I love that they just want to “hang” with mommy.” I love that Spring Break allows me the opportunity to spend time with my kids without being bound to the daily school/work time restrictions. I love that I get to see my babies just having fun and being happy.

I cherish these years because, soon, my girls will be too cool to hang with mommy and, then, off to college. And the boys: they’re already showing signs of preference to hang with daddy.

Nevertheless, the center of my heart and being are my babies.

About the Author

Some call me funny, some call me serious, but you can just call me Tracey.  I am a mommy of four (10, 9, 3, and 1) and the wife of an amazing man (12 years and counting). I work in education, and my hobbies include crafting and cars.  You can find me on Instagram @misstrae23 for a little of everything that happens in our day to day life, including Spring Break 2018.

Spring Break 2018 by Tracey Hamilton

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