Our Sweet Mini-Break by Terricha Phillips

April 25, 2018
Our Sweet Mini-Break by Terricha Phillips

What type of Spring Break does a 2-year-old toddler have? Not much, since his daycare is in session during a typical Spring Break week, and there are a few designated off days for professional development and holidays. Knowing this, I schedule my time off according to my son’s daycare calendar, and I view them as “mini-breaks” to bond with him.

On a recent “mini-break,” the two of us spent a relaxing day at home. I thought I would have been able to sleep in, but #JPJr woke me up at the usual time of 6:30 a.m.

Suck it up and get an early start today, I told myself before rising out of bed.

We had our usual get-ready-in-the-morning routine, followed by light chores (I cannot help but clean and, when home alone, it is a perfect opportunity). The weather this day was quite mild and pleasant, with warm sun rays kissing us through spring foliage as we strolled to the fitness center so I could have a nice workout. While I broke a good sweat, he watched some PBS Kids educational shows. The way he smiles and waves at me during exercise motivates me to complete each set.

That afternoon was so laidback and productive. We read books and practiced some flash cards, then #JPJr had a nice nap and I read a book and wrote in my journal. At this stage in my son’s life, we take it easy when it comes to entertainment options. It does not take much to make my son happy; for instance, he gets good exercise on the neighborhood playground equipment. At home and in the church nursery, I enjoy every moment and give my son room to explore creative play. Taking leisurely strolls around the neighborhood in the fresh air is a fun physical activity, and I can meditate or listen to music. My little one is so much fun to wrestle with and have snuggles and kisses!

What I really want to do for the next “mini-break” is a children’s museum trip as a family. I picture the kid running around the interactive exhibits and learning aloud. We all can learn together as a family unit, and me and my husband can re-live our childhoods. Not every Spring Break can be the same or cost a lot of money, so the options are plenty for my young family. When the time comes for #JPJr to have a full week off from school, I believe he will behave like any other young child: energetic, carefree, inquisitive of the world around him, and excited to be around his family or friends.

The world is his oyster.

About the Author

Terricha M. Phillips is an award-winning journalist turned public health professional living north of Jackson, MS. A Spelman Woman and Syracuse University alum, Terricha is married to James and is a bonus mom to daughter Jada, 14, and mom of toddler son James, Jr. She enjoys reading, vocal music performance, church, taking naps, cycling, and tirelessly advocating for sickle cell patients and families. She aspires to author several books, win a Pulitzer Prize, and return to her beloved hometown of Cleveland, OH, to be part of positive growth and change.

Our Sweet Mini-Break by Terricha Bradley

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