Goodness: New Church Experience by Tanae Cook

March 20, 2017

Goodness: New Church Experience

Before having kids, do you remember seeing that poor mom in the grocery store with a kid pitching a fit in the middle of the aisle because they couldn’t get those fruit snacks they wanted? Maybe you slightly judged her because she couldn’t get a “handle” on her kid?

I admit, I was once that judgmental grocery store shopper staring the mom down, wanting to ask if she needed help or wanting to just give the little kid a piece of my mind.

Since becoming a mom of two, that fear of the “grocery store tantrum” has always been in the back of my mind at any given situation. So when my husband and I accepted an invitation to visit his cousin’s church one Sunday, I feared that this would be the one moment when my kids would decide to have the “grocery store tantrum.”

When my husband’s cousin invited us to her church, we were glad to accept the invitation. Immediately after accepting her invite, my mind went into overdrive. I just knew my boys would be all over the sanctuary, making lots of noise, and stinking up the place with their obnoxious bowel movements.

That fateful Sunday, I made sure we were extremely prepared to avoid any accidents at all costs. I made sure we had more than enough snacks and drinks for the ride to and from church. They both had an extra pair of clothes and their Leap Frog laptops to keep them busy.

As we walked into church, we were greeted by one of the ushers. She was wearing a white shirt, white skirt, and black knee-high boots. As she grabbed a hold of Isaiah’s hand, telling him how handsome he was, he looked her up and down and said, “I like your boots.” Dad and I laughed and proceeded inside the church.

Shortly after entering, we registered the kids for Children’s Church and prepared ourselves for service. We finally got everyone situated and the pastor began prayers and asked the teachers to bring the kids to the altar to pray over them.

Suddenly, I heard this loud outburst of a cry and instantly knew it was AJ. We made eye contact as he walked by, and he stretched his arms out for me. I wanted to grab and hug him so badly, but I didn’t! He continued to whine until one of the Sunday school teachers picked him up and let him rest on her chest, praying and singing to him. Whew, no tantrum! I was in complete awe because we were visitors, and she had taken my boys in her hands and cared for them as if they were her own. After the children’s prayer was over, the kids were led back to their designated classrooms. Dad and I remained calm and did our best to focus on the service and not worry about how the boys were behaving.

After church was over, I anxiously darted over to the boys’ classroom and nervously glanced in the window.  AJ was eating cheese puffs, smiling and waving. I just knew he would still be crying for me or throwing a tantrum in front of his new church friends. I didn’t see Isaiah right away until I heard him behind me. “Hi mom!” he exclaimed as I was tying AJ’s shoe. After gathering all of their belongings, their teacher explained how she loved our boys and how well behaved they were. I was thinking to myself, “Wait, they didn’t have the grocery store tantrum? Or is she just saying these things to be nice?”

To say I was proud of the boys for portraying goodness throughout our church adventure would be an understatement! They were on their best behavior, met new friends and had a fantastic time. My husband and I were also grateful for the goodness the church members showed us, especially the teacher who embraced AJ during his brief meltdown. Little does she know, she helped me overcome my fear of being that mom with the uncontrollable kid and proved that there are awesome people who will step in judgment-free and embrace your little ones as if they were their own.

About the Author

Hi! I’m Tanae. I have been married to my amazing husband Alan for two years and am a mom of two awesome boys, Isaiah, who’s three, and AJ, two, with a little princess on the way! I have a passion for coding and am currently attending school to obtain a Web Development Certificate. Two of my ultimate goals in life is to create a lifestyle for my family that’s not encumbered by a 9-5 schedule, and to teach children and adults how to code.

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  • Rashawna March 21, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    Great read! I too was that shopper looking like omg! Girl get your kid! Lol Now as a single mom I completely sympatize and even in some occasions try to talk or play with the kid If they’re giving mom a hard time! I went to Target the other day and Quincy acted a fool because he couldn’t get everything he saw. Of ppl looking like awwww is he ok??? I’m like Quincy please stop all the way until we walked out. Then I took him to the nail shop with me and he was chilling to my surprise! My guard was already on 10! Lol The ladies were saying ” he’s so well behaved” if yall only knew lol However I was very proud of him and appreciated the compliments.

    • Mea March 22, 2017 at 9:48 am

      Yeah, Rashawna, I believe most parents experience the dreaded unexpected kid-just-went-live-in-this-store at least once. And it is so embarrassing, isn’t it, because of the instant judgments? I tell my toddler, though, that I’ll be sure to embarrass him as a teenager as often as possible!