For the Love of Pinterest

March 4, 2018
For the Love of Pinterest

When I first heard of a “Pinterest,” it was as I scrolled down my primary social medium’s timeline. What was a what? I couldn’t even say it correctly. From my first curious glance at the app, I could determine that it included the essential ability to “borrow” images from the Internet and “pin” them to different, labeled, digital corkboards of a consumer’s making.  

Like scrapbooking or vision-boarding. Or regular “old school” copying and pasting for inspiration. Over the Internet. Hm.  

That seemed like a winner to me as I flipped through pins others had selected. I had often ripped pages out of magazines that detailed spring outfits and paint colors and toddler shoes that I wanted to purchase, so using this method was much easier on the environment and much better (mobile!) on the time constraints of a given day. 

That realization was three years ago, five years after the site’s March 2010 launch. Never would I have guessed how addictive Pinterest would become for me. 

The 3AM Mea Pinterest boards currently stand in number at 19 and two secret boards, including such categories, amongst others, as a board each for dressing Jrue and Jai, shoes for colder and warmer weather, educational ideas for the kids, and a board displaying almost all of the posts on my blog. Compared to most pinners, my little number is novice-level. 

I update my boards every day. This is not a hyperbole. I wake up in the morning, go to the toilet, and flip open my Pinterest app, just to take a peek at what I had “missed” the last seven or so hours while snoozing.  

The scrolling usually results in ten minutes too many sitting there and getting numb. 

I am a big project enthusiast and am always thinking of the next even going on in my little piece of world. Jai’s second birthday is approaching, followed by Mother’s Day, then Jrue’s 5th. To find a muse, for example, searching “second birthday” in Pinterest results in thousands upon thousands of ideas. I see baking cakes in the shape of the number 2, a “Taco Twosday” birthday theme picture assortment, and a number 2 photo shoot of a darling blonde baby beating up her giant silver balloon.  

Those are only the first three pin results. 

I’ll take all of the above, please. 

Pinterest is regarded for its impressions regarding art, music, and fashion trends. It gives ideas on tattoos, quotes, and books. It turns the everyday quandaries of lunch box meals, family outings, and first date questions into matters of pointing, clicking, and reading. Christmas decorations are a breeze for me now. DIY wreaths for my home’s front door take no time. I have found décor for two bedrooms from Pinterest. I put together my son’s first three birthday parties from pictures found on Pinterest. My 300+ followers always get a sneak-peek into my next concept because a board usually pops up for brainstorming, then disappears later for the next one to emerge. 

Writer Nathalie Marquez Courtney just composed an article called “Art of the matter” that mentions the uptick of Pinterest ideologies as inspiration in the increased momentum of large art in the home. “I usually regard the Pinterest trend reports with more than a dash of scepticism,” she said. “. . .The large-scale wall art trend is one of Pinterest’s 100 trend predictions for 2018, and that I can get behind. Though a good gallery wall is a design staple, the popularity of adding a large-scale piece to the mix has steadily risen – Pinterest saw a whopping 637pc increase in people saving pins related to ‘big wall art’. That includes everything from large-scale posters to works of art and photography prints. I can see why. I recently moved to a new apartment with high ceilings and big, bare white walls. Terrifying.” (Courtney, 2018) 

Just recently, I discovered how helpful Pinterest is to me as I make professional changes. The intricate internal engine has some memory element and seems to suggest a consumer more of a particular classification of pins depending on what, I assume, is a fixed ratio or algorithm of pins already saved. As an instance, the more sandals I pin on a board, the more sandals photos and sites and other boards are suggested for me.  

By chance, I saved some pins regarding interviewing for teaching positions this past week. I have since saved many of the subsequent pins recommended from the Mother Pin Brain…and these pins are high-quality. I put into practice some advocated tips just this past weekend at a job fair and, I’m here to say, those specific pins did me well. This is not to say that all of the advised pins are excellent ones because it is the Internet, after all. I have just not yet had any particularly poor experiences on the site. 

On her blog, “One Good Thing,” writer Jill Nystul noted some reasons why she is a fan of the site. I completely concur with her grounds. “It’s become my new ‘Google,'” she began. “Today when I’m looking for ideas for how to better organize my kitchen, or a suggestion for a good novel to read, or how to make my own natural products…..Pinterest is where I head FIRST. [Additionally,] it’s a great party-planning resource.” (Nystul, 2013) 

Just last month, the self-titled “visual discovery engine” named Ms. Francoise Brougher as its Chief Operating Officer, which may put a fantastically feminine spin on what I deem is the already perennial woman-centric site. (“Pinterest hires former Square and Google executive Francoise Brougher as first COO,” 2018) I am ecstatic to see what new ideas she will institute for one of my favorite locations on the World Wide Web. 

Pinterest, don’t ever leave me. You help keep my life together. We’re bonded forever, girl. 

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