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Interview With a 5-Year-Old

June 6, 2018
Interview With a 5-Year-Old

In honor of my Jrue’s fifth birthday on June 7, I thought it great to crack open his brain and take a peek inside, something I had not performed since he began specialized education and consistent speech therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder. I discussed the discovery of his unique condition at length in previous posts. I sat Jrue down comfortably to interview and randomized my inquiries. The answers were directly dictated and avoided editing. 

Mommy: What is your favorite letter? 

Jrue: “V.” 

Mommy: What is your favorite number? 

Jrue: “It’s 6 or something.” 

Mommy: What kind of movies do you enjoy? 

Jrue: “I like some YouTube. I like broken cars.” 

Mommy: Do you like sports? 

Jrue: “I don’t like sports.” 

Mommy: What is your favorite color? 

Jrue: “Color? Orange. And red. And blue. And pink. And green. And red. So, I like red.” 

Mommy: When is your birthday? 

Jrue: “Yep. Mm-hm. It’s June. July. June 7th. And July 1st.” 

Mommy: What foods do you like to eat? 

Jrue: “I like some McDonald’s. And I like Happy Meals and chicken nuggets and some hamburger. And two fries. And some barbeque sauce. And that’s it.” 

Mommy: What book do you like to read at bedtime? 

Jrue: “I like to read ‘Pete the Cat.'” 

Mommy: Do you remember when you were potty-trained? 

Jrue: “Yep. I made pee pee and boo boo. I peed a lot and made a lot of boo boo, too.” 

Mommy: What do you do with scissors? 

Jrue: “I cut some paper. I cut some lines. I cut in a circle. I wanna cut now.” 

Mommy: What city do you live in? 

Jrue: “The city goes like ssssss.” (snake sound) 

Mommy: Who is your good friend at school? 

Jrue: “Me. I’m a good friend.” 

Mommy: What kind of car do you want when you get bigger? 

Jrue: “I want a brown car. And a balloon car.” 

Mommy: Who is the President? 

Jrue: “President? His name is Johnny.” (That’s daddy’s name.) 

Mommy: Jrue, who is better: Michael Jordan or LeBron James? 

Jrue: “Jon Snow.” 

Happy Birthday, Jrue!

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