Meet Ostus Stephen and Sovereign!

June 11, 2017
Meet Ostus Stephen and Sovereign!

(Photo courtesy of Ostus Stephen)

Q1. “What is your best quality as a father?”

Ostus: “I believe my best quality as a father is my compassion. My compassion allows me to be patient and understanding. I believe it will help in the development and rearing of Sovereign.”

Q2. “What is your daughter’s best quality?”

Ostus: “She is perceptive; it helps her to pick up on things quickly. I’m sure all children are, but it’s amazing to see it up close and personal each day.”

Q3: “What do you foresee would be the most difficult challenge about having a daughter?”

Ostus: “I haven’t thought about this question before now, but I’d like to believe that challenges are opportunities to learn and grow. The obvious challenges, which can be a little cliché, are dating; possibly going away from college; discrimination; etc. I’m personally looking forward to solving/helping to solve any problems that may arise as a father to a daughter.”

Q4: “What are the top 3 lessons you hope to teach Sovereign?”

Ostus: “Take care of yourself first, love yourself first, and listen to your ‘self’ first. I believe that we can only show love and respect to others only when we can do the same for ourselves.”

Q5: “Do you have a funny story about your daughter that you’d like to share?”

Ostus: “It took Sovereign a while to say ‘Momma,’ and I would always tease Imani about Sovereign only saying ‘Dada.’ One day, she began saying ‘Oda,’ the name of one of the characters on a show I was watching on Netflix. I would always laugh when she would call her mom ‘Oda.’ Now she calls me Oda all the time and rarely says Dada and, in a complete role reversal, she calls Imani ‘Momma’ all the time.”

About Ostus Stephen

“I was born in Guyana. My family migrated to Brooklyn, NY when I was about 2 ½ years old. I joined the Marine Corps at 17 years old; my mother gave me her blessing and signed the contract because I wasn’t old enough to legally do so myself. I spent my 18th birthday in boot camp. The Marine Corps was a great experience for me, especially being so young. It helped me mature faster than I would have had I not joined.

I’m the youngest out of my 3 siblings and was the last to have a child (Sovereign). My siblings have a total of 8 children, 5 boys and 3 girls. Being an uncle allowed me get a glimpse of what parenthood would look like, sort of.

I met my future wife in 2008 at my oldest niece’s birthday party. We had an instant connection from that point on. Three years later, we were husband and wife. I’ve always dreamed of having children of my own, and Imani blessed me with a healthy baby girl four years after getting married.

I’m currently an auto technician at a Mercedes-Benz Dealership in North Carolina. I love fixing people’s problems/cars. My wife is very inspirational in what she does while raising our baby girl and being an entrepreneur, a professional relationship coach:

I love being a dad, and I appreciate the journey that it took to get her. I look forward to all the unknowns that come with being a father. One of my co-workers said, unlike a car, there is no manual for raising children. I completely agree.”

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