Meet Johnny Vaughan and Nile!

June 13, 2017
Meet Johnny Vaughan and Nile!
(Photo courtesy of Johnny Vaughan)

Q1: “What is your best quality as a father?”

Johnny: “I think my best quality is being able to relate to children at their level. For some reason, kids listen to me when they don’t listen to anyone else.”

Q2: “What is your daughter’s best quality?”

Johnny: “Nile’s best quality is her awareness. Her level of understanding of the world amazes me. Concepts that most children don’t grasp at her age, she’s well aware of.”

Q3: “What do you foresee would be the most difficult challenge about having a daughter?”

Johnny: “Teaching her about love and relationships.”

Q4: “What are the top 3 lessons you hope to teach Nile?”

Johnny: “Always be yourself, no matter who approves. Always be HONEST with yourself. Always have a plan.”

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