Meet Johnny Paden and Jai!

June 15, 2017
Meet Johnny Paden and Jai!

(Photo courtesy of Johnny Paden)

Q1: “What is your best quality as a father?”

Johnny: “I’m open-minded and relaxed. I’m not going into this with preconceived notions of how parenthood should go for me.”

Q2: “What is your daughter’s best quality?”

Johnny: “She is really loving. She is just a sweetheart. Pure.”

Q3: “What do you foresee would be the most difficult challenge about having a daughter?”

Johnny: “Making sure that I’m not the one who places limits on what she can be. There’s going to be enough of that in the world trying to do that to her. I’m not going to be a part of that energy. If her father doesn’t believe in her, why would she believe she can go any further? I have to be her #1 fan. I will be her #1 fan.”

Q4: “What are the top 3 lessons you hope to teach Jai?”

Johnny: “How to love, how to receive love, and all about self-worth.”

Q5: “Do you have a funny story about your daughter that you’d like to share?”

Johnny: “I don’t have a story in particular. Just that she doesn’t know any better. So she’s like a mindless drone. She just goes and goes until she passes out. Sometimes that’s funny.”

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