Meet Christopher Boone and Daughters Jarmea, Tenisha, and Meshawn!

June 16, 2017
Meet Christopher Boone and Daughters Jarmea, Tenisha, and Meshawn

(Photo courtesy of Pink Mink Photography. Pictured left to right: Oldest daughter Jarmea carrying baby Jai, Christopher Boone, wife Kendra, son-in-law Johnny, grandson Jrue, second daughter Tenisha, and youngest daughter Meshawn)

Q1: “What is your best quality as a father?”

Christopher: “My best quality as a father is being willing and able to provide for my family.”

Q2: “What are your daughters’ best qualities?”

Christopher: “My daughters’ best qualities are that they are strong, encouraging, gifted, and compassionate.”

Q3: “What do you think has been the most difficult challenge about having daughters?”

Christopher: “To me, it was being the example of what a man is and to be in their lives.”

Q4: “What are the top 3 lessons you hope you taught them?”

Christopher: “The top three lessons I hope to have taught my daughters was the importance of Jesus in their lives; having compassion for the lives that came their way; and the importance of work.”

Q5: “Do you have a funny story about your daughters that you’d like to share?”

Christopher: “A funny story about my daughters…one was the time a bird flew into my eldest daughter’s apartment while she was pregnant with my grandson. Another was when one of my second daughter’s friends lost her cell phone on a roller coaster at Busch Gardens…she shut the park down! Lastly, one is when my youngest daughter was sitting in our living room. I came in from outside with a huge bug unknowingly on my back. She screamed and locked herself in the bathroom.”

About the Dad

Chris Boone is a father of three grown daughters and one grandson and two granddaughters. He resides in Portsmouth, Virginia with his wife, Kendra, with whom he has been married to for 31 years.

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