Dad to Dad Chat, Issue 3

March 7, 2018
Dad to Dad Chat, Issue 3

Let’s catch up with you, dad, and ask some random questions about your childhood. 

As a child, did you have an invisible friend? “Not at all.” 

Did you have a mentor growing up? “My high school basketball coach was like a mentor. I learned a lot from him. I learned mental toughness from him.” 

Did you have any pets growing up? “Ox was a pit bull. Lady was a Chihuahua. There was Duke, a German Shepherd; Snow, another pit; and Spotty/Scotty, a Dalmatian.”

For fun, can you compare any of your childhood pets to Jai? If Jai was a dog, who would she have resembled? “None of them because Jai’s a raccoon.”

What’s your favorite color? “Black because it looks cool and goes with anything.”

What is your favorite article of clothing? “Socks.” 

What have been some of your happiest moments thus far? “Surprising my mom by driving in from out of town without her prior knowledge; my wedding day; and the birthdays of both of my kids.” 

Now that we’ve discussed you, let’s talk about you in the context of being a dad.

What do you enjoy most about being a dad? “The process. All of it. Being this center of the universe for two humans. Being the most important person in their world to them right now.” 

Do you believe there is a difference between a “father” and a “dad?” “There is no difference between the two. They’re the same, contrary to belief.” 

Is fatherhood harder as a whole because “baby daddies” exist? Do father or daddies get unfair treatment? “I don’t know. I hadn’t thought about it. It’s not about what other people think about me, though. It’s what my kids think about me, at the end of the day. It’s all perception, individual to each person. I don’t think I care. I have to keep my own grass green.” 

What is one thing you hope to teach Jrue that you hope he will remember as a grown man? “Life is about making it, not who ‘makes it’ the fastest.”  

How would you like to be remembered? “As a consistently good dude who cared.” 

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