Dad to Dad Chat, Issue 2

October 11, 2017
Dad to Dad Chat, Issue 2

In part 2 of my interview with my husband, I initiated some pretty imaginative questions to delve a bit deeper into his actions as a child and how that scoped his mind as a father. Here is what I learned. 

On his mischievousness as a child. On a scale of 1-10, I was a 0 as an adolescent and a 0 as a teenager. Reason being, the point of doing what you are doing is to not get caught. I didn’t get caught. Therefore, I wasn’t mischievous. Show me the receipts.

On toys as a child. There’s a couple of things I had as a kid that I would love for Jrue to have. I had the Castle Grayskull from He-Man. And Transformers. I had RoboCop’s car. I had a Big Foot. But I was destructive and destroyed everything. 

On childhood offspring aspirations. I never put a number on how many children I’d have. Whatever happened, happened. 

On having treats that he didn’t want to share with the kids. I hide them in my office drawer. 

On Jai’s current hobbies. Jai likes hugging and eating off the floor. She also likes dancing (or, really, stepping in circles) and “working” her shoulder, her specific choreography of choice. 

On Jrue’s current hobbies. Jrue lines up his play cars, listens to music, and chills on the couch. That’s him in a nutshell. 

On his ingenuity. If I only had a flashlight to entertain the kids, and nothing else around us, I would flash it in their faces. They like light in their faces, for whatever reason. They show out. They’d think it was a video camera, and they get down for the camera. 

On dealing with vomit or poop. If there was a bowl of either in front of me, I’d deal better with the poop. 

On driving a van in the future. I had the best times of my life in a van. I used to have a 1994 Conversion Van. When I was out and about, I was in the van, so no problem. 

On coaching in the future. I would not coach Little League or gymnastics. I was always a player, but I have no desire to coach. It’s not my thing. I would be there to support them and help their team find a coach. I do enough leading of men in my day job. I don’t want to in my off-time. 

On what we hope our kids will learn sooner than later. Children should learn about managing finances in kindergarten. When it comes to sex ed, they should not have to wait for a class to start. They should be learning that at home first at the point they start showing interest in “attraction.” But there’s different levels—you can’t just come right out immediately about intercourse. 

On fingernail polish. A young lady can wear fingernail polish when she doesn’t eat it. 

On makeup. When can she wear makeup? Jai? When it’s out of my house. 

On what Jai may be when she “grows up.” Jai will be everything…a jack-of-all-trades. The President of the United States. 

On what Jrue may be when he “grows up.” Jrue will be a speech pathologist. 

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Photo by Kats Weil on Unsplash

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