About Mea

There’s no cap on 3 a.m. mom brain rambling. My thoughts can swirl quickly from listing supplies for my toddler’s art project to surviving preschool art projects to synthesizing survival jobs and survival gear and survival reality television (and what we love to hate about it). I find great comfort in knowing that there is another parent out there, lovingly coercing their own 3 a.m. notions into a secure but lethal headlock.

When I’m not staring blankly wide-eyed at my bedroom ceiling, I’m relaying all ideas past my ever-so-patient-and-gracious-and-amused husband. I then spend my weekends’ bulk binge-watching TV, reading, and listening to every monologue my toddler and infant produce while attempting to interrupt the increasingly appalled panic that they really know more than me about my cell phone. It’s their fabulous new world order, as I see it—super early, sleep-deprived, and completely random.