About “3AM Mea”

The blog, “3AM Mea,” channels the eccentricity of middle-of-the-night brain chitchat with the natural worries of a new mom, following particularly in the erratic style of a wordy parrot. What exists in this space of Internet property is a narrative of the behavior of two young children interlocked with signs we see pop culture, a gentle indication that what is produced for societal consumption is actually a copy of what our human senses experience. What we see, hear, what we watch, what we purchase, how we listen—all have sizable chunks of influence on our values, customs, and deportment.

I keep this in mind as I attend to the decisions made between my kids and their individual inner voices…while trying to wrap my confusion at just what parenthood, as a culture, means. I’m here to provide my best creative and interpretable insights while trying to answer the unforgiving persistence of “Why does my son do this?” and “Is my daughter ‘normal’?”

I rarely know what my kids are thinking at any given moment, but I can’t help but to make quite a few disruptive guesses, at the sacrifice of my poor sleep cycle.